About us

Atlantic Marine and Offshore was founded to provide best-in-class Service for:
  • Strategic and Interim Management
  • Commodity and Asset Trading
  • Blue Economy Growth

Well over 20 years ago, AMO made a flying start, having obtained a few high value asset development- and trading contracts, for highly innovative offshore equipment. It provided AMO the opportunity to adopt their way of doing business right from the early offset of the company.

AMO values long term personal business relationships while maintaining short decision lines. AMO’s out of the box approach often leads to successful innovative solutions. A dedicated network worldwide is able to turn such innovative concepts into reality.

AMO holds a record for developing business in new territories, creating long term partnerships through establishing win-win deals.

AMO’s main market focus is towards Middle East, Asia and East Africa. Recognizing the strength of these upcoming and rapidly changing markets, in the coming decade, makes them extremely interesting for business expansion or partnering.

AMO beliefs that transfer of know-how, training and education are important contributing factors for establishing long term business in these markets.

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